Why A Platypus Has A Duck’s Bill

By Matthew Georgiades

May 2015


Once upon a time a lonely fox was walking around a billabong in New South Wales.  Little did the fox know, that the area was platypus infested! The enormous billabong had platypuses nearby because it was spring and spring is when platypuses give birth.


One gloomy morning when the fox was strolling along the shore of the billabong, he saw a platypus burrow.  As the fox thought he would be all secure to wander past, but when he did he got a nasty surprise!  Suddenly he was being dragged into the burrow by the mother platypus, so the young hungry platypuses could eat him.  The fox felt outraged and frightened.


After a few minutes of searching around for something to help him escape, there was a glimmer in his eye.  He went over to investigate and to his happiness he found a saucepan.  He thought and thought and finally he came up with an idea. 


While the mother platypus was rounding up her babies, the fox slammed open the door and hit the mother platypus on the nose with the saucepan!  The mother platypus had a flat nose from the saucepan blow.


Quickly the fox sprinted out and since then the fox never went near the burrow again.  And that is why a platypus has a bill like a duck.