Our goal is to provide a professional, nuturing centre for children and their families - where children can maximise their learning. Our first step is to assess your child and then offer a range of appropriate interventions and support.

Our services include:


  • Intervention


 At Learning Fundamentals we strive to offer the most effective and research-based intervention programs so that children can achieve their potential.


Intervention programs offered at Learning Fundamentals are provided in a one-one setting, with the child working with a specialized teacher. We strive to provide intervention which is systematic, cumuluative, explicit and multi-sensory. Children are assessed when they first begin at our centre which forms our starting point to develop an individualised program. Ongoing, continual assessment is fundamental to our philosophy.


  • Specialist tuiton


Specialist tuition is offered on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the needs and age of the child. Where possible, our specialist teachers work closely with your child's  school to ensure and enable effective communication and exchanging of ideas and assessment. 


  • Educational Assessment


All children who attend our Centre will undergo some inital assessments which help our specialist teachers design an effective program. 


We can also carry out a full educational assessment for your child.


  • Advocacy


At different times parents need assistance with dealing with schools, understanding assessments and helping the school implement appropriate programs and procedures for children with needs. At Learning Fundamentals we are experienced in acting as an advocate in these situations.


  • Scholarship preparation


Many children will sit scholarship exams for entry to independent schools. Our Centre provides assistance with the preparation for these exams.


  • School readiness assessment and preparation


Parents are often undecided as to whether their child is ready to commence school. Assessments can be carried out at our Centre and recommendations made as to your child's readiness for formal education.






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