Sandra McQueen

Hi my name is Sandra and I am the Office Manager at Learning Fundamentals. While administrative support has always been in my working life I have had other adventures along the way.  

I am passionate about health, fitness and movement.  I have worked as both a personal trainer and in group fitness in Melbourne, Singapore and Amsterdam.  For a short time in this industry I also joined a Melbourne-based national team to train and mentor new instructors.  This uncovered a new passion - working with young people.  My husband’s work took us to a rural location in western Victoria where we lived with our three children for seven years.  It was here that I cemented my love for working with children through coaching gymnastics.  My favourite experiences with my gymnasts was witnessing their incredible sense of pride when they mastered a new skill- when they realise their hard work has paid off. 

After returning to Melbourne and settling my children into their new environments I joined the team at Learning Fundamentals. This role is a perfect fit with my home life and reminds me of the gymnasts I left behind.  I get to see those same expressions of pride and witness our students’ sense of achievement on a daily basis!