Helen Mau

I am a primary teacher with many years experience teaching in

both primary schools and early childhood education. More recently,

I completed a Post Graduate Degree specialising in literacy. My

research during this study focussed on Specific Learning Difficulties,

namely dyslexia. During this study, the lack of knowledge and

support for students affected by dyslexia became extremely

apparent, highlighting the crucial need for awareness. This lead me to pursue further studies in Multi-Sensory Learning; a teaching style based on the research proven Orton-Gillingham approach. I now use my knowledge, experience and passion to help students with Specific Learning Difficulties.

I am committed to working closely with my students as well as their parents and teachers to ensure that each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential.

I am the mother of four beautiful children, two at primary school and two at secondary school, giving me an additional insight into children’s development which is impossible to teach!

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