• What age groups does Learning Fundamentals cater for?


Children of all ages attend our Centre, from pre-primary through to upper secondary students. We have a variety of specialist teachers, trained in early childhood, primary and secondary, carefully selected to provide the best possible program for your child.


  • What is the duration of the sessions?


Most sessions at Learning Fundamentals are for one hour. The last few minutes of the session can be spent speaking with the parents about the session and any home tasks recommended.


  • How often will my child attend?


Most children attend the Centre once each week, however for younger children in particular, multiple sessions may be recommended. Research has shown that intensity of intervention- number of sessions in a week- is a contributing factor in the success of a program.


  • How long will my child need to attend for?


Your child will be monitored and evaluated throughout their lime at Learning Fundamentals. Depending on their needs and diagnosis, some children attend for one school term, others are with us over a number of years.


  • What are the costs involved?


For a break down of costs and fees please contact our Centre for a comprehensive Parent Pack.


  • Does my child need to bring anything to their session?


At their first session, your child will be presented with their own bag as well as an exercise/ scrapbook for their work. Any books, games etc that are sent home should be returned at the next session in this bag. If your child has an ipad it is recommended that they bring this along to their sessions as technology is used to support and enhance learning.


  • What if my child misses a session?


Sessions at Learning Fundamentals run throughout the school terms and are invoiced as such. If your child misses a session due to school commitments or illness, and at least 24 hours notice is given, a make-up session will be organised within the same school term. 


  • Do I stay with my child?


Parents are welcome to stay in the reception area at the Centre, where there are a variety of magazines, books and journals to read. Alternatively they may leave and return for the last few minutes of their child's session. All primary aged children must be collected from the Centre- they will not be permitted to meet parents out on Station Street.


  • Will there be homework assigned after each session?


Your child will usually have some home tasks set to reinforce and help consolidate the skills and strategies they have been learning. These tasks may range from reading, computer programs such as mathsonline, ipad apps and board games. At times it is recommended that school homework is suspended whilst a child works through a program at Learning Fundamentals. This would be in consultation with the parents and the school.


  • Will the specilaist teacher make contact with my child's class teacher?


At Learning Fundamentals we strongly believe in forging positive ties and communication with your child's school. We believe that all stake holders invloved with your child's education should be in communication to achieve the best possible outcome for your child. This communication can be through email and phone calls as well as attendance at PSG meetings at your child's school.


  • Is the Learning Fundamentals Centre open during school holidays?


Our Centre follows the Victorian schools term dates. Sessions usually cease over the school holidays however sometimes ongoing sessions will be recommended, especially over the long summer holiday break. Your specialist teacher will discuss this with you. 


  • How is information shared about upcoming events and imteresting articles?


We have a variety of books available at the Centre for parents to borrow. As well we are constantly providing updates and information through our Facebook page. Newsletters are also sent our twice each term to all of our families.








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