Testimonial One

Contacting Learning Fundamentals was probably the best decision I ever made about my son’s educational needs over the past 7 years. My 12 year old son will be starting at secondary school next year and has been seeing Jacinta since Grade 3, so it is an appropriate time for me to reflect on her role with us as she has been hugely important for me, as well as my child.



My son has ADHD and struggles to work independently in class and does need guidance from his class teacher to stay on task and complete work. He experiences difficulties with many aspects of his literacy and lacks confidence and enthusiasm for learning. However, he looks forward to his weekly tutoring session with Jacinta and is very engaged and focused on the work he does with her. Jacinta provides a stimulating, structured, creative, fun and flexible program that is suited to his specific learning needs through a range of teaching tools including computer technology and games. 



Jacinta is a very passionate and committed educator who has vast experience in special education. She is patient, enthusiastic and empathic with my son and has developed a wonderful rapport with him over the years. He always gives her a hug each week and she makes him feel very special and listened to. As a parent, I have found Jacinta to be very good at communicating with me as well as an invaluable support in dealing with the challenges of parenting a child with learning and emotional needs.


Jacinta considers it essential to work as a team to best support my son’s learning and will regularly communicate with my son’s teacher and other professionals involved with him as well. She has a very close network of colleagues at Learning Fundamentals & in the local education sector and was able to give me invaluable advice when looking at secondary schools options for my child.


Learning Fundamentals provides a very warm and welcoming environment for students and parents. I can’t speak highly enough of Jacinta and would thoroughly recommend her for any child experiencing learning difficulties.



Testimonial Two

My wonderful son has language and cognitive processing delays. Despite support from his school he was struggling in Grade 1, so I thought we’d try a term at Learning Fundamentals to see if it would help.18 months later and the weekly session is a big part of our plan for my boy. He really loves the time there – Jacinta makes learning enjoyable, which is a big ask for a boy with his learning difficulties. And I am astounded at how he has progressed academically since we started with Jacinta.


I didn’t think we’d ever get him reading – now he enjoys sitting and reading alone, reading to us, and he’s just written a 5 page story.As well as tutoring my boy, Jacinta has been an advocate and support for me, helping guide me in getting the best out of school and make decisions for his future.


Testimonial Three


My son has been attending tuition with Jacinta McMahon for the last 4 years since he was in preps. During this time I cannot express how imperative Jacinta’s work with him, and her insight into his learning has been. 



Without her support my son would not have met his learning goals or maintained a level of confidence and literacy commensurate with his age.

My son has Dyslexia and Dysgraphia which Jacinta recognised long before he was formally diagnosed. She has been nothing but kind, patient, supportive and welcoming of my son who affectionately calls her ‘Cinta.


Jacinta’s breadth of knowledge and understanding of Learning Disorders, proven teaching techniques and methodologies, along with a comprehensive understanding of the Australian Curriculum and technology has meant my son has been given quality tuition when the school system would have failed him.


Without Jacinta’s direction and guidance over the last 4 years I do not know how I would have tackled his learning needs or been able to provide him with the level of improvement and development that he now enjoys.


Jacinta and her team at Learning Fundamentals are a professional, empathetic and intelligent group of tutors and mentors for children and parents, without of which I would have been lost. 

I cannot recommend her or her team highly enough and look forward to many more years working together with my son.



Testimonial Four

Since our first meeting with Jacinta at Learning Fundamentals our experience has only been positive. All tutors we have interacted with at Learning Fundamentals have been caring, attentive and passionate about their role; helping our daughter.


Our eleven year old daughter has received weekly tutoring in Math and Literacy at Learning Fundamentals for the past three and a half years. Each lesson is fun and focuses on areas to support what Elizabeth has been learning in school. Jacinta provides Elizabeth with learning tools that suit her learning style including the most up-to-date learning assisted technology. Ever since Elizabeth started her tutoring lessons at Learning Fundamentals her confidence has bloomed and her school results have greatly improved. 


The people at Learning Fundamentals have made fantastic progress with our daughter, exceeding our expectations in many ways. Over the years they have proven they genuinely care about our daughter and her academic progress, we cannot thank them enough.


We highly recommend Learning Fundamentals!


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